Our wood exceeds USDA standards for dry, sanitized firewood.  All kiln dried products are baked until below 20% total moisture leaving you with a clean burning, mold free, pest free, high heat, easy to light product.  We back this with a 100% guarantee.  All of our kiln dried products are stored in our warehouse until distribution. We recommend storage inside a shed or garage as it is pest free when it arrives.  If stored outside, keep it elevated and covered from the weather to keep your product in tip-top quality!

Why Choose Kiln-Dried... 

​5 Top Benefits of Kiln-Dried Firewood 

1. Ready to burn. Ignites easily and burns efficiently.
2. Bug, Pest and Mold FREE. No chemicals, ever. 

3. Less smoke and a cleaner burn, means less creosote buildup for fewer chimney problems. 

4. Cleaner product with Less debris. Can be stored indoors.  

5. Backed with 100% guarantee.  Every piece is baked until under 20% total moisture weight.